Quality and enviroment

All companies within the Nicgroup are working together to strive for the right qualit a minimum environmental impact and a good working environment today and tomorrow.

Quality work
For the companies in the Nicgroup quality is of great importance. The goal is to deliver accurate and stable product quality. We do this by maintaining best practices through the whole value chain. Since NIC Netherlands is part of the Orkla Group the company is implementing the Orkla Food Safety Standard (OFSS). The standard is based on BRC (British Retail Consortium standard) and ensures that customers feel secure in buying products under the brand Nic.

Environmental and work
Companies in the Nicgroup will manage and develop the business with long-term view of humans, animals and the environment. By constantly improving processes and reduce environmental impact, we are contributing to sustainable development on Earth.

We do this by:

  • Increase knowledge and raise awareness of environmental issues within firms.
  • We discuss current environmental issues and considering the environmental aspects of our work.
  • Influencing, make demands and cooperate with other companies, agencies and organizations.
  • Always have a dialogue with our suppliers on environmental issues, requirements and environmental awareness.
  • Minimize the adverse environmental impacts of our transportation, and by streamlining and by appropriate choice of transport modes.
  • Separate collection in accordance with the municipal source separation programs.

In addition to this, Nicgruppen meet legal and regulatory requirements regarding the environment and strive to do so by a comfortable margin and contribute to the achievement of the national environmental objectives. That attitude should permeate all activities in Nic.

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