The best of two worlds

Provide customers with the satisfaction of a delicious ice cream, but with less fat and calories. Add delicious fresh fruit or another topping to it, and you're done. Simple and delicious. Combine business with pleasure with the nice Yog Ice. This ice cream is made with a yoghurt-base and has a deliciously fresh taste. It's just like any other ice cream, but without the known amount of fat and calories. The frozen yogurt is a sales hit! Especially tasty with fresh fruit or (crunchy) chocolate sprinkels. By mixing the ice with syrup topping and a dip, in no time you create a healthy and delicious dessert that everyone dreams of. Who says that good things are unhealthy?

Yog Ice offers:

  • Ice cream on yoghurt base
  • Various syrups and toppings
  • Refreshing taste
  • Healthier alternative

Sweet bliss
Yog Ice has less sugar needed to bring the ice to the maximum taste and therefore contains fewer calories than regular ice cream. This does not mean that the ice cream tastes less tasty: the frozen yogurt is served with fresh, sweet toppings, which the customer can choose himself. Better does not exist!

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